Casino bonuses like the deposit bonus are still a very popular proposition for new players at an online casino

In a real casino you will never get extra money to play with when you pass the entrance doors. Rather, you must pay admission to even enter. At an online casino, you get casino bonuses, extra money to use when you sign up as a new member, and usually also a variety of new casino bonuses once you become an existing member. How is this really possible? There are many reasons.

Casino bonuses

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One obvious reason is that an online casino has no premises costs. It also has comparatively low costs for personnel. It is of course also the case that there are conditions attached to casino bonuses themselves.

The fact that, for instance, you can get a no deposit bonus of several hundred dollars when you sign up as a new member at an online casino, does not automatically mean that the online casino will lose that money.

Deposit casino bonuses are usually activated directly on your account as soon as you make your first real money deposit. Your deposit will be merged with the casino bonuses and you get an often hefty extra money to play for. Playing with a casino deposit bonus can be said to be well advised, this is because the extra supplement gives you a lot more to play with. You must therefore simply sit back and enjoy more casino entertainment.

Casino bonuses

Reload bonuses and the Refer-a-friend bonus are casino bonuses that are popular among many online players

Very different from the regular no deposit bonus, the reload bonus is another type of casino bonuses that means you get a chance to replenish your account in the same way as a welcome bonus.

Unlike the welcome bonus however it’s only valid to existing players (although new players can also take it!) and are often less amounts than the normal deposit bonus. The advantage of these types of casino bonuses is completely clear, by using these casino bonuses you can fund your account with bonus credits!

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So there are no direct disadvantages! Refer-a-friend bonuses are other types of casino bonuses, however, it has to be said that it is relatively rare and refer-a-friend casino bonuses are available on only a few online casinos today. It is based on if you refer a friend who makes a deposit at the casino, you get a bonus money as thanks.

The downside is that there are conditions and your friend must make a deposit, then ensure he receives no more casino bonuses other than the usual welcome bonus.